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by admin on October 22, 2012

Amaranth is a family that includes weeds, herbs and flowers. Some varieties of this plant are harvested for food. In ancient times the Inca and Aztecs harvested grain Amaranth. In South America and Asia this plant is harvested as a grain crop. You can find it in health food stores in the United States of America.

Growing Amaranth

Step One

This plat needs phosphorous and nitrogen and the plant will grow in average garden soil and be about five or six feet tall once fully grown. If the soil is rich they can grow as high as eight feet. You need a well-drained soil but avoid clay as thye do poorly in clay soils

It’s best to grow them from seeds and if you want you can begin them indoors and then transfer them to the garden area or you can seed them directly. In North America frost can kill them so you’ll want to grow seedlings inside before planting outside. This plant prefers the warm weather. In the spring you’ll want to sow your seeds once the soil outside is warming up. Try growing inside about six tt eight weeks before your frost ends so thye are ready to grow outside.

Step Two

Sow your seeds or seedlings outside and then cover them lightly with soil. Your seedlings or seeds should be 10-12” apart. Don’t crowd them together too much as thye need space to grow properly. The Amaranth plant is very easy to grow and they like the warm weather so make sure they are placed in an area that will get good sunlight and that the soil is well drained. When it’s dry give them water once or twice per week. They can aloes tolerate some fertilizer as well. The plan is resistant to drought and heat conditions.

Step Three

Be sure to weed around thе plants so thye grow properly. The amaranth resembles red-rooted pigweed in the early stage of its growth. If you grow them a part a bit you won’t be confused when it comes to removing weeds. The plant will flower up until the first bad frost. The seeds will ripen weeks before this happens which usually takes three months. If you shake the flower and the seeds fall out then they are harvestable. If birds are around your plants it’s a good indication they are ready for harvesting. Use a bucket and rub the flowers so the seeds drop into the bucket or use whatever method you prefer to harvest the seeds. Don’t try drying the plants to get the seeds out as this doesn’t work well

Lay the seed heads on cloth and leave in the shade to dry them. Wear gloves once they are dry and remove the seeds. Another method is to out the see heads in aback and then just tap the seed heads against the bag to remove the seeds. Try to get out as much of the debris as possible use a screen to do this or a shallow bowl of water so the debris floats to the top.


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