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by admin on October 23, 2012

The bird’s eye chili is a small chili pepper that originated in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries. These chilies are very hot and near the heat level of the Habanero pepper. This is one of the easiest chili peppers to grow but they are very hot so you need to be careful when consuming them.

Growing Bird Chili

Step One

These peppers can grow in sandy or rich soil and they love humid climates with moisture. They like to grow in the heat. For the seeds to germinate the temperature needs to be 20°C and ideally it should be above 30°C so the fruit can ripen. Since they need a lot of heat they can’t be grown in all climate zones unless the temperature is controlled. The nighttime temperature can’t drop below 15°C for extended period either or they will die. The chilies therefore need tons of sunlight to grow properly. They can tolerate some shade in the afternoon. Those that live in the tropics or subtropical areas will be able to chilies that thrive.

Step Two

You can grow chilies in pots at home if you like and then transfer them to a garden but they prefer to be directly seeded as they don’t like the transplanting process very much. If you have warm summers but not overly hot you can try growing them inside. Buy Chilies from seed at a nursery to grow them in pots at home. Make sure your window sill gets plenty of sunshine. You still need at least 20°C to get the seeds to germinate. Early spring is a good time to start them. Buying plants that are already growing in a nursery is ideal. Give them room in a garden to grow properly. You can give them fertilizer if you want and moderate amounts of water. Don’t plant the seeds too deep in the soil or they won’t break the surface.

Step Three

This plant will flower quickly and you can harvest the chilies green if you like and then wait for them to turn red. They can be dried for flakes or even leave them on the plant until they dry out. Harvest when they are shiny and plump if you want them fresh but it’s fine to have them dry too. Pull upwards to remove the chili from the plant or you can snip them off. In the fridge the fresh chilies will last about one week, drying them can give you chilies to enjoy all year round. A dehydrator is the preferred method of drying them. You can make chili powder out of dried chilies or you can make flakes. Be cautious when using them as the heat is quite extreme you don’t need a ton of these for cooking. These are fairly easy to grow and you shouldn’t have much of a problem growing them. Just make sure you have warm weather and they get plenty of sunlight.


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Georg November 23, 2012 at 1:49 pm

Tip for germination: wrap the seeds loosely in damp kitchen roll, sit the bundles in a plastic lunchbox (preferably transparent) and then sit that on top of a radiator which is always set low. With this method I was able to germinate habaneros, fatallis and other generic chili peppers.


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