How To Grow Bunching Onion

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by admin on November 29, 2012

The green onion or bunching onion is a very popular garden vegetable. There are many types of this inion and it’s used in various dishes such as stir fry dishes or salads for an onion flavor to foods. The onion can be grown from seed or from seedlings. One popular use for these onions is in soups.

How To Grow Bunching Onions

Step One

This onion grows well in most climates and it’s somewhat frost tolerant. It will grow well in temperatures between 55-75 degrees which helps this plant grow well. These plants need plenty of sunlight so it’s advisable to grow them in an area where there’s sun for at least 6-8 hours per day or more. While the plants do grow well from seed it’s often easier just to use seedlings and plant this directly into a large container or your garden. A well-drained soil will help your onions grow and you will need a decent fertilizer. Make sure the soil isn’t overly acidic because these onions don’t like acid soil. Aim for a pH in your soil between 6.2 and 6.8. These onions don’t have a good root system so the fertilizer is required

Step Two

Plant your onions in the spring once the frost has past and the ground isn’t frozen anymore. Place seeds about ½ inch into the ground or dig a larger hoe for any seedlings that you might have. Aim for plant space at about 3 inches so the plants have room to grow properly. If you plant many rows aim for a spacing of about 12-18 inches between the rows. Adding some mulch to the soil can help retain moisture and keep weeds out of the soil. If weeds develop, remove these by hand as they will remove the nutrients from the soil that your onion plants need. Insects can be a problem with onions so be sure you use appropriate measure to remove pests.

Step Three

Harvest your onions when the tops are bent over and a bit dried looking. Take them out and put the onions in a wel-ventilated area so they can dry fully and cure which will help them store longer as dried herbs. With air circulation and a low humidity the onions will be dry in about two weeks. Dried onions will allow you to use them just like regular herbs in your pantry. There are many other ways to dry the onions and you can use whatever method that you want to dry them properly. You can of course just take them out of the ground and eat them fresh from your garden. Fresh onions will need to be used within a few days as they will quickly rot in your refrigerator if you don’t eat them right away. Use the onions within a few days in dishes as this is when they will be fresh. If they begin to rot a bit at the tips just cut these off and wash the onions prior to eating them.


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