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by admin on November 30, 2012

The bush bean is an easy vegetable to grow and one you’ll want to havе in your garden. There are many varieties of beans such as green-podded, yellow-podded or wax varieties .Yоu can use beans in all types of dishes. Beans are great fresh in salads or mixed into Asian style stir fry dishes. These beans will grow well in many soil types and they aren’t a vegetable that you’ll have to fuss over too much when growing them. Bush beans grow quite quickly so you’ll have a good crop of them.

Growing Bush Beans

Step One

You should grow your beans after the last frost and when you have soil that has warmed to about 18-24°C (65-75°F). This will ensure that the seeds germinate properly. You may start them inside from seed about 6 weeks before the end of the frost in seed trays or small pots if you wish. It’s always better to plant your seeds directly in the ground or use seedlings that have already grown for bush beans. Make sure you grow them in a location that has good sun and a soil pH of 6.5-7.5 that is well-drained.

Sow the seeds at 1″ deep and 2″ apart and in rows at 18″ apart. You can reseed in mid-summer so you have more beans throughout the growing season. You can add some fertilizer as they grow to improve the crops fertility. Grow them with most vegetables except fennel, kohlrabi, and onions as they won’t grow well near those crops.

Step Two

Your beans may need stakes or trellis as they grow up for support. This is a good idea as the plants will droop unless you do this. The beans can suffer from fungus problems so visiting your local nursery and getting the appropriate sprays can help if you get any infestations. Ensure that the plants have good air circulation and if you have any weaker plants as they grow make sure to thin them out.

Step Three

Once the beans become crisp and smooth they are ready for harvesting. You may harvest the early as young beans can be quite tender. Don’t allow them to over mature and pick them from the pods when the pods are brittle and dry. Shell the beans from the pods and then store thesе in a container with a tight lid in a spot that’s dry. Harvest the beans when there are no inner beans as they will have better flavor. You can harvest the beans about every two weeks all summer as they grow quite quickly in good conditions. These beans are perfect for all types of dishes where beans are required and they also make a great side dish as well for meats and other foods.


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