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by admin on June 10, 2015

Cauliflower is related to wild cabbage and it’s thought to have originated in Asia Minor. It has been an important vegetable in Italy and Turkey since about 600 B.C. In the min-26 century it found popularity in France and was brought to England and Northern Europe. France, Italy, the U.S. and China produce quite a bit of the world’s cauliflower crops.


How to Grow Cauliflower Step One

You can grow this crop inside form seeds if you wish. This is ideal as you can then transplant your seedlings into the soil outside when the weather is better. Aim to grow seed about six week prior to the end of the frost so you can have full seedlings to plant in your garden. Once your seeds have germinated and grown some thye are safe to take outside to grow. Make sure there’s no chance of frost as this can kill the delicate seedling plants. It’s ideal to lay down some fertilizer before you plant your seedlings in the ground. If your seeds haven’t grown properly or failed you can buy seedlings from any nursery. If you plant to grow plenty of cauliflower make sure the rows are about 15 cm apart. Sow seeds into the ground at about ½ inch and make a larger hole for any seedlings that you have.

Step Two

Make sure your seed beds are moist but don’t overwater them. As your seedlings grow you’ll want to thin them out and keep the healthiest plants. Then them out to about 7.5cm so the healthy ones can grow fully. Overcrowding will hamper the growth of the cauliflower and weaken all the seedlings. These plants will grow best in an area that gets full sunshine. Make sure you remove nay weeds that grow around the cauliflower as these can remove the soil nutrients and hamper the growth of the plants. Another thing you must do is make sure the plants get plenty of water as the crop can start to bud too early without enough water and you’ll get premature cauliflower heads.

Step Three

Watch out for insects as aphids and caterpillars can be a problem. Ask your local garden center for pest control tips if you are faced with infestations. Try to cut off some of the heads as thye mature and use those. Don’t wait till thye all mature because you’ll be overwhelmed with cauliflower plants. The heads will last for a couple of weeks in your refrigerator. If you are harvesting a large crop be sure to spray the additional heads with water. This vegetable can be used in many dishes such as stir fry, soups, and salads. It is also fine to eat this plant raw and many prefer it that way. Discard any plants that turn too yellow as this is a sign that rot it setting in. The plants should be hard and fully white.

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