How To Grow Chinese Cabbage

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by admin on June 10, 2015

There are many types of Chinese cabbage and it has a big place in Chinese cuisine.  The Chinese cabbage we know today is a variant that was grown in Zhejiang at about the 14th century. It became popular in Northern China and introduced into the Korean area where they were used to making Kimchi. In the 20th century the vegetable mad it’s way to Japan. Today this vegetable is enjoyed all over the world in many culinary dishes.

Chinese Cabbage

How to Grow Chinese Cabbage Step One

This plant should be sown directly into the ground at about 4-6 week before the end of the last frost. The plants need about 50-85 days to mature but this depends upon the type of cabbage you’re growing. The plants will grow to about 15-18 inches tall. The plant likes the full sunshine in the cooler region but prefers shade in the warmer regions. Be sure to give the plants some shade if your area of the country gets hot. You want soil that’s well-drained but has plenty of nutrients so a good fertilizer is ideal to add to your soil prior to planting or just after. Plant the cabbage in the spring in temperatures between 45-75 degrees.

Step Two

While you might be tempted to grow from small seedlings and transfer these to the ground it’s best to just seed directly into your soil and grow the cabbage this way. The seed should be about ½ inch deep and the seeds should be four inches apart. Thin the plants so there are good seedlings about 12-14 inches apart so they have ample room to grow to their optimal size. Your rows should be about 18-30 inches apart if you’re growing plenty of cabbages. Use the seeds as transplanting doesn’t go very well.

Step Three

Make sure the plants get ample water so they grow well. Plants that don’t get enough water will have stunted growth and could turn to seed. Be sure to keep you plants fairly cool if the weather warm up. Keep them out of direct sunlight that lasts for more than eight hours per day. Some coverings can help the plants stay cool. Use appropriate garden sprays to control pests which your garden center can provide for you for the pests you’re having problems with. Make sure you remove pests before they destroy the cabbages.

Harvest the cabbages at the level of the soil when they feel compact and form. Don’t allow seed stalks to grow harvest them before this happens. If you get frost before harvesting you can still use the stalks of the plant for greens. You can keep these cabbages in the refrigerator for about 4 weeks. The vegetable can also be blanched and stored in the freezer for several months to enjoy at any time.

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