How to Grow Chinese Mustard

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by admin on October 14, 2012

Chinese mustard which is also known as pak choy is a brassica like cabbage and broccoli. The entire vegetable is edible. It is recognized as a native vegetable in South East Asia and has a history for thousands of years. The awareness for Chinese mustard increased within the past few years because it became a popular vegetable in western countries. Chinese mustard is a cool season vegetable, so it has become a popular crop in the cool areas if the world.

Preparing the garden bed can be considered as the first step of growing Chinese mustard. The garden should be in a semi shade to full sun location. You should not plant it on an area that tends to hold water because it can ruin the entire crop. The bed should not contain roots, weeds and rocks. After preparing the bed, you need to purchase Chinese mustard seeds from your local market. You need to sow the Chinese mustard seeds on four to six weeks before the date of the last frost. If there is a warm climate, you need to sow in semi shade. You need to push the seeds to half inch deep into the soil and keep a distance of about 3 inches apart between the seeds. If you are planting them in rows, you need to keep a distance of 12 to 24 inches between the rows. When the plants are 1 to 2 inches high, you can thin the distance to 8 to 12 inches. You need to keep the moisture level of the soil up to 3 inches from the top layer. Chinese mustard seeds will germinate after four to seven days from the date of plantation.

When they germinate, you need to plant them in a similar bed but do not go to fertilize until the plants become 4 weeks old. You need to water the plants until the roots are damp and you should apply slug bait in order to protect the leaves. You need to keep the plants away from weeds, so it is better to lay a thin layer of mulch around the plants. You must also take necessary actions in order to keep the plants away from cabbage worms, root maggots and beetles.

When the temperature exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit, Chinese mustard will bolt. Therefore you need to pay attention to the season in order to harvest in the correct time. You get the opportunity to harvest Chinese mustard after 30 to 40 days. When you are harvesting, you can to cut the exterior leaves off and use them as spinach. When the plants become mature, you can harvest the entire plant. Cut off the roots and wash between the white bases of the leaves very well to remove dirt. The white part of the vegetable can be used like celery, and the leaves are excellent cooked or added to stir fry. This can be considered as an easy to plant crop in cool countries.


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