How To Grow Heart-Shaped Cabbage

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by admin on January 19, 2014

Many types of Chinese cabbage and the heads can be loose or compact. Plants will grow to about 8” tall. The flavor can be a bit like lettuce but have a sweet and tangy flavor to it. You can eat Chinese cabbage raw or cook it. This type of plant won’t work well in a container as it needs plenty of room to grow and thrive.

Heart-shaped cabbage

How to Grow Heart-Shaped Cabbage Step One

You’ll want to have cool temperatures to start growing this type of cabbage. The plant does need plenty of sunlight and can also tolerate some shade too. The plant doesn’t like wind and the frost so be sure it has some shelter. Use deep and well-drained soils for this type of plant. Regular watering and some fertilizer will help with rapid growth so you’ll get good plants. If the plant grows too slowly it will just go to seed and you won’t get the crop that you want.

Step Two

You want to plant the crop so it’s ready before the first frosts arrive. The seeds are best if you just plant them straight into the garden. Sow your seeds about 1/5 deep and in clumps in your rows so you have plenty of seedlings. You can thin these out as they grow. Give yourself about 14 inches between the rows and you’ll get seedlings at about 2 weeks after you plant your seeds. Be sure you give your plants plenty of water as they like to be moist. Frequent watering is essential for their growth. Give the ground a complete dose of fertilizer one week before you plant your seeds for best results.

Step Three

Adding fertilizer is recommended when growing this plant and when you water them keep moisture off of the leaves as much as possible. Irrigating between the rows can help put the water where it’s needed and not on the leaves of your plants. This care with watering will help avoid fungus problems on the plants. One month after you plant you can go back and do another full dose of fertilizer to help with growth. Once you get cabbage heads you can apply a bit more fertilizer to your soil. In about four months you shouӏd have cabbage that you can harvest. Cut the heads above the sold when they are solid.

In the off season you can use lime in the soil and aphids or caterpillars can be a problem so use appropriate sprays to remove these pests from your garden. Rotate your crop every few years to a new location which helps control many plant problems.

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