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by admin on March 1, 2014

Hoary basil is a popular herb in Thailand, Lao, Vietnam and other Asian countries as well as many other parts of the world. These plants can grow several feet high and you can harvest the leaves to use in many different dishes. These plants grow best with plenty of sunshine but can grow in other areas too. Basil is a staple herb which is quite easy to grow.

Hoary Basil

How to Grow Hoary Basil Step One

Any type of basil will grow quite well from seeds or seedlings. To start seeds at home get a few small pots or a seed tray. You’ll need to place a few seed sin each tray or pot and press them down into the soil lightly. For seed tray use 2-3 seeds and for a pot you can use many seeds. The idea is to get as many of the seeds to germinate as possible. You can start the trays or pots around six weeks before the last frost.  Be sure you only lightly mist the seed and won’t waterlog them or you’ll kill the seeds and you won’t get any seedlings. You should get small plants appearing after 7-10 days. Let these grow up for several weeks until you get some strong seedlings. This herb will grow quite well in a pot so you might want to leave them in the pot.

Step Two

Once you have some seedlings you’ll want to thin out your pots and make sure that you have only strong seedlings. They will grow well in a windowsill but don’t take them outside unless there’s no frost and the weather is decent. To start them from seedlings or seeds in the garden make sure all frost is gone and then just make small holes in the ground for a few seeds. You can also transfer the seedlings you have into the ground if you want. Be careful with transferring as the seedlings won’t have much strength and it can be a shock when you transfer them.  It’s usually best to buy stronger seedlings from a nursery or garden center and transplant these into your garden or larger pots. Don’t overwater the basil as too much water will cause it to rot and die.

Step Three

Once basil is set it will grow quite well. As it grows you can snip off small leaves and use these for consumption. If it begins to bud you’ll wan to clip these buds as it wills top the growth of the leaves. Snipping the buds off will encourage more leaves to grow on your basil plants. You can harvest basil whenever you want as it will continue to produce leaves for you. This herb can be eaten fresh or you can dry it out and create dried basil with it. Dried basil works well in many dishes such as Asian food, pasta, as well as other dishes such as Italian pesto.

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