How To Grow Hong Kong Chinese Kale

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by admin on July 28, 2014

This is a delicious vegetable to grow in your garden and it is regularly consumed in Asian cultures. There are a few kinds of this kale available and they will grow through most areas and are heat resistant. This plant can be grown easily in most parts of the world so it’s a good vegetable for nay garden to grow well.

Hongkong Chinese Kale

How to Grow Hong Kong Chinese Kale Step One

To grow this plant you’ll need an area that has well drained soil. You should have a pH level in the soil that is a bit acidic to a neutral pH. The plant will grow well under full sun but with some cool temperatures. In warmer climates some summer shade will be ideal to grow the plant well. Keep this in mind before you plant your crops. You can get the seeds at a nursery and once you have temperatures of between 60 and 65 degrees you can plant your seeds. In cool climates the spring is ideal to plant but for warmer climates you will plant in the fall. Place the seeds about one inch deep in the soil. Be sure to keep one inch between each of your seeds. One foot between rows is ideal if you’re planting a lot of crops.

You can purchase Chinese kale seeds from your local store with less hassle. Plant Chinese kale seeds whenever you anticipate two months of cool weather, with daytime temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore it is better to plant them during spring for cool climates and fall for warm climates. The Chinese kale seeds should be placed 1 inch deep in the soil. You need to keep a distance of 1 inch between the seeds. If you are planting them on rows, you need to keep a distance of 1 foot between the rows. It is a must to water the seeds as soon as you plant them. In about two weeks you’ll have some seedlings. You can thin these out to encourage the healthier plants to grow more.

Step Two

These plants will grow to about a height of six inches and then you can add some fertilizer. The plants like a damp environment so be sure to water them often but don’t overload the plants in water. Keep water the plants on a regular basis and in about two months you’ll have plants that you can harvest.

Step Three

You can harvest the stalks before the flowers on the plant open of you like. As long as the temperature is below 80 degrees the plant will produce more stalks. Pick or cut off stalks to encourage more of them to grow. Do this at about eight inches from the top of your plants. You can stir fry these or lightly steam them to enjoy these vegetables with your meals.

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