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by admin on April 26, 2015

One great alternative to spinach is the green-leafed Swiss chard vegetable. This vegetable is great in stir fry dishes and with various meats. This plant is easier to grow than spinach and it has a great deal of vitamins and minerals so it promotes good health. The plant was discovered by a Swiss botanist and it’s a very popular vegetable in Mediterranean countries.

Swiss Chard

How to Grow Swiss Chard Step One

Before you grow your plants make sure to turn over the soil a few weeks before you plant on putting the plant in the ground. This will help with soil aeration and the moisture retention. Rake the soil to break it up and get it ready for planting your Swiss chard. You can sow the seeds in early spring and it’s best to put it directly in the ground as seedlings don’t transplant that well. Sow your chard rows at about 45cm apart and each plant at about 5cm apart. As thye grow you can thin this out so the healthier plants can grow. Put the seeds in at about 2cm and the germination should be done after 2 weeks.

Step Two
When thinning plants you can eat the younger leaves as they will be very good. You can put them in any number of dishes. Make sure your plants are in a position to get enough sunlight. Thesе plants can tolerate some shade but they will grow better when thye have full sunlight. The plants are quite hardy and if you have a late frost they should survive as long as the frost is a milder one. Check your soils of acidity as the chard likes a soil that’s less acidic. If they aren’t growing this might be a cause of your problems. Make sure your soil is draining well and that you have enough fertilizer.

Step Three

Your plants can cope with water shortages if you’re not getting much rain. Try to keep them well watered as this will keep them growing and prevent them going to seed.  You don’t want seed as this prevents the leaves from growing and essentially shortens the crops yield. Clip off any flower buds before thye start to grow which will encourage more leaf growth.

You can get multiple harvest form one crop so just pick the leaves as thye appear and this will start the growth of younger inner leaves and you’ll get an extension of the crop. Wait until the plant is about 15cm tall before you harvest the vegetable. Be sure to eat the chard quickly as it’s only good for a few days before it starts to rot. Try to eat the chard within three days. Just pick more when you’re ready to eat it for optimal freshness. You can use the chard in a wide number of dishes and it’s great for Asian dishes such as stir fry’s.

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