How to Grow Thai Papaya

by admin on October 9, 2012

thai papaya

Thai papaya is a foreign fruit which is popular among the Thai people. It was introduced to Thailand 200 years ago and it is recognized as a highly successful immigrant in the country. Several reasons are there behind the popularity of Thai Papaya. They are easy to grow, have a high productivity and the fruit have a good taste along with a nutritional value. Many people tend to grow Thai papaya in their place because of this flexibility. However, there are some things that you should keep in your mind to grow Thai papaya in an effective way.

Growing papaya from the seeds is recognized as the easiest and the most successful method for the beginners. You can easily purchase the seeds from a shop in your local area. You can even use the seeds of a locally grown papaya fruit to plant and get a successful result. You have to cut the fruit into two, scrape out the seeds and dry them before planting them. Thai papaya trees need to be exposed to sun for their growth. Therefore you need to find a sunny and a sheltered place in your garden to plant the seeds.

Papaya does not transplant well and anything that disturbs the root of papayas really set them back because they hate it. Papaya trees grow very fast and they need to have a very good soil with rich organic matter and nutrients. It is your duty to supply all these requirements to the plant to support its growth. You can dig a hold half a meter across and fill it with a mix of good compost and soil to prepare a fabulous soil. The seeds should be planted in different locations to get the best out of the yield.

When you are sprinkling the seeds, a couple of dozen per bed can be considered as a good amount. You have to cover the seeds with compost and they will germinate within a couple of weeks. When they start the growth, you should cut the weaker ones and assist the healthy ones to grow with less hassle. Papaya plants can be divided into three categories as male, female and bisexual. You have to make sure that there are more female and bisexual plants are there among the seeding because male papayas do not bear fruit.

When the tree is about one meter tall, the plant starts flowerings. You need to have at least one male plant among 10 female plants in order to assist their pollination process. If the weather is warm enough, the papaya fruits will grow at a healthy level and you will get the opportunity to pick the first ripe fruit within 10 months. The process is easy but you should cater all the requirements of the plant to get a good outcome.


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