How to Grow White Oblong Eggplant

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by admin on October 18, 2012


White Oblong Eggplant

Eggplant is recognized as a cold sensitive vegetable which requires a long warm season to get the best yields. Therefore people who live in tropical countries can go for an eggplant cultivation without any hesitation. White long eggplants have a similar culture to bell pepper but the plants grow slightly larger. A wide range of eggplants can be seen all around the world and the method of growing is almost similar. The different types of egg plants produce round fruits, fat and oblong ones, or slender and elongated fruits.

White oblong eggplants can be cultivated from both seeds and nursery grown plants. You have to purchase them from your local store as the first step of cultivation. The local store will have many varieties and you should be careful to ask white oblong eggplant from them. It starts seeds two months before the average last spring frost date. You have to use two inch pots in order to reduce trauma to the roots when transplanting them. The seeds must be covered with quarter inch of soil and they must be kept in a moist and warm place.

Then you need to prepare the bed to cultivate white oblong eggplant. In order to do that, you will have to select a place that receives sunlight throughout the day time. You need to spread a 3 to 4 inch layer of compost over the planting area as well. You need to transplant seedlings into the prepared bed two to three weeks after the last frost, when daytime temperatures average above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the soil has warmed. If you are planting them in a row, a space of three feet should be kept between the plants.

After the transplanting process, you need to run a soaker hose in the length of the white oblong eggplant row. When the top inch of soil dries out, you will have to water the plants deeply. If you don’t have a soaker hose, you can seek the assistance of some other watering methods. However, you should be careful to provide the necessary moisture for the plants because they prefer to live in a moisturized environment.

When the plant is around 1 foot tall, you need to pound a 1 inch think 5 foot long garden stake into the ground. As the plants grow, tie the main stem to the stake loosely with garden twine to keep the plants upright and the long eggplants from contact with the ground. You have to fertilize and water the plants on a regular basis. The eggplant reaches its maturity level at 70 days from planting. Then you need to grasp the fruit at its center with one hand and cut the stem from 1 inch where it joints the fruit. Then you can experience the taste of some home grown oblong eggplant.


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